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    We are more than just accountants. Understanding your business is one of our objectives.

Preparation of accounts


Your business is running well so why do you need an accountant? With a changing financial climate, certain accountancy procedures cannot be ignored.


Can your business afford to waste time and expense on badly maintained accounts?


The expense involved in preparation of your accounts is a vital business factor, determined on the size, number of transactions, which may include VAT and payroll – and how well your accounts have been maintained. Ask yourself:

  • How well do you monitor your growth and performance?
  • Do you thoroughly consider annual budgets, forecasting, profit and loss and cash flow?
  • As a director of more than one company, are you aware of certain tax advantages with intercompany transactions?


As the demands grow, so too does the amount of support required. It’s an easy equation...balanced by you getting on with what you do best...running your business.



The sweet taste of success

Success! And along comes increased turnover - £20k or over £10m? Reconciliation of sales and income continues – with a higher risk to your accountant in getting the sums right. No matter, you can gain a discount of nearly £5000. How? By keeping your books in order.


By keeping your bank accounts and receipts regularly reconciled, even the least mathematical can easily avoid additional expense. The more disorganised your invoices, the more cost you are piling on, as your accountant wades through the forest of untidy records.

Serious entrepreneurs plan, plan and plan again. They also keep regular checks on accounts and statements, debtors and creditors and get accountancy discounts. Do you?


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